What we can do for you

The SWFSC is constantly looking for ways to improve dissemination of fire science information. Through support from the Joint Fire Science Program, the consortium can fund 2-3 workshops/field trips per year at a rate of up to $1,300 per workshop or field trip plus up to eight travel grants of $480 each. In addition, we have funding available to create webinars, Wildfire Lesson Learned stories, and working papers.  Let us put your ideas to work!

Fill out a workshop proposal form and return an electronic copy to swfireconsortium@gmail.com. Please contact us with questions- we’d like to host your event!

Travel Grants

Travel grants of up to $480 each are often available for our events!

Recognizing that budgets are tight, especially when it comes to travel, we allocate travel funds for many of our events. These travel grants are open for any member of the fire community to apply. More information on the decision criteria is available here.

To download a travel grant application now, click here. *Be sure to download and then complete the form before emailing.

Other Outlets

We have funding available to create webinars and Wildfire Lessons Learned stories. In addition, we team up with the Ecological Restoration Institute to develop short working papers on specific topics of interest. We are looking for topic suggestions for all of these activities.

If you have a topic you’d like to see covered in one of these formats, or if you have other ideas, please let us know! For more information, contact us at swfireconsortium@gmail.com.

Letters of Support for
Research Proposals

The Southwest Fire Science Consortium is willing to provide a letter of support for research proposals that fit within the scope of the Consortium.  We look for proposals where the findings may improve current fire management and the authors are willing to work with the Consortium to disseminate results via webinar, workshop, working paper, or other valid means.

Fill out our request form and send to the Coordinator:  Barb Satink Wolfson, swfireconsortium@gmail.com 
AT LEAST 2 weeks* prior to your grant submission deadline.