Past Events

Working Across Fence Lines: Multijurisdictional planning and prescribed fire –November 2014

Presenter: Eytan Krasilovsky, Forest Guild Fire cuts across administrative boundaries and our restoration work needs to as well. Whether it is multijurisdictional planning or multiagency prescribed burning, working across boundaries presents a unique set of challenges. In this webinar, Eytan Krasilovksy will discuss multijurisdictional NEPA planning in the Rio Trampas watershed and this year’s multiagency [...]

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Wildland Fire Smoke in the Air- What does it mean to ME? – November 2014

Thank you to all those who attended, making it a successful workshop! We are currently working on posting presentations from the workshop, including video that was taken of specific presentations, and some of the main ideas recorded from our roundtable discussion sessions. This will take time to put together- please be patient with us! November [...]

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Jemez Field Trip – October 2014

In October we were able to put together a field trip for the JFSP governing board to tour the Jemez Mountains area, including fires that span several decades. The field trip materials are below by stop, and a virtual field trip with photos of the various areas we visited is available here (or click the [...]

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