Past Events

Identifying Priority Treatment Areas Across the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests – March 2014

Presenter: Joe Crouse, Ecological Restoration Institute To address concerns regarding how to prioritize treatments across the forests, the Ecological Restoration Institute received funding from the USDA Forest Service to identify priority treatment areas across the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests. In addition, Forest Service personnel stated a need to identify areas within the Wallow Fire perimeter that [...]

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Fostering resilience in Southwestern ecosystems: A problem solving workshop – February 2014

Fostering resilience in southwestern ecosystems: A problem solving workshop How do managers “build resilience” when ecosystems are undergoing rapid change? What are our options when megafires remove huge swaths of forests not well adapted to this disturbance? Join us and help develop answers to these urgent questions. Ecosystems and fire regimes are moving into new [...]

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Restoring Composition and Structure in Southwestern Frequent-Fire Forests: A science-based framework for improving ecosystem resiliency – February 2014

Presenters: Richard Reynolds, Andrew Sánchez Meador, James Youtz, Tessa Nicolet, Megan Matonis, Patrick Jackson, Donald DeLorenzo, Andrew Graves (based on RMRS-GTR-310) Originally intended as pre-work for “Fostering resilience in Southwestern ecosystems: A problem solving workshop” on February 13, 2014. To watch the webinar recording, click here…

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