Past Events

Effects of climate variability and accelerated thinning on watershed-scale runoff in Southwestern ponderosa pine forests – April 2015

Presenter: Marcos Robles, The Nature Conservancy The recent mortality of up to 20% of forests and woodlands in the southwestern United States, along with declining stream flows and projected future water shortages, heightens the need to understand how management practices can enhance forest resilience and functioning under unprecedented scales of drought and wildfire. To address [...]

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Tamarisk invasion and fire in Southwestern desert ecosystems – April 2015

Presenter: Gail Drus, St. Francis University 11am pm MDT April 2, 2015 (10am AZ) Increased wildfire has been observed with the displacement of native cottonwood-willow (Salix and Populus spp.) gallery forests by invasive, non-native tamarisk (Tamarix spp.) in desert riparian zones of North America. Greater post-fire recovery of Tamarix relative to native species suggests a [...]

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Fire and climate history of the western San Juan Mountains, Colorado: Integration of tree-ring and alluvial-sediment methods –February 2015

Presenter: Erica Bigio, University of Arizona This webinar presents research on the historical fire regimes of the western San Juan Mountains in southwestern Colorado, where the landscape provided a unique opportunity to sample tree-ring and alluvial-sediment records in the same study sites. Knowledge of historical fire regimes (frequency, size, severity) can help support management plans [...]

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