Past Events

Fire management in the Gila National Forest and Saguaro National Park – September 2014

Presenter: Molly Hunter- Northern Arizona University Fire suppression has been the dominant fire management strategy in the West over the last century. However, managers in the Gila National Forest and Saguaro National Park have allowed fire to play a more natural role for decades. In a newly published report, we summarize the effects of these [...]

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A panel perspective on regeneration in Southwest pine forests after high severity wildfire – August 2014

Panelists: Pete Fulé- Northern Arizona University, Collin Haffey- USGS Jemez Field Station, José Iniguez and Suzanne Owen- USFS Rocky Mountain Research Station, Jim Youtz- USFS Southwestern Region, Joy Mast- Carthage College The Southwest Fire Science Consortium is hosting a panel discussion on regeneration of pine forests after high severity wildfires. Recent fires such as the [...]

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Pinaleño Field Trip – August 21, 2014

On August 21, 2014, we conducted a 1 day field trip to learn about the fire and disturbance history of the Pinaleño range. We discussed disturbance history, primarily fire and insect, how local management plans to restore mixed conifer and spruce-fir through the Pinaleño Ecosystem Restoration Project, threatened and endangered species concerns, and fire suppression [...]

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