Past Events

Biophysical Settings Review: What it is. How it works. Why it matters – January 20, 2016 (Webinar)

Date: Wednesday January 20, 2016 12pm Mountain Presenter: Randy Swaty, The Nature Conservancy LANDFIRE Team All ecosystems are dynamic, changing due to growth, succession and disturbances. Modeling large landscapes in the United States requires the collective knowledge of experienced and knowledgeable vegetation and fire experts. In collaboration with hundreds of colleagues, LANDFIRE produced more than 1,000 state-and-transitions [...]

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Effectiveness of Wildfire Mitigation Activities in the Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) – January 13, 2016 (Webinar)

Date: January 13, 2016 Presenter: Zander Evans, Forest Guild Each year wildfires damage homes, businesses, communities, watersheds, and forests on millions of acres across the U.S. However there are effective ways to reduce the impact of wildfire. A new report, Evaluating the Effectiveness of Wildfire Mitigation Activities in the Wildland-Urban Interface, shares lessons learned from [...]

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Impacts of Thinning and Burning in Spotted Owl Habitat – December 16, 2015 (Webinar)

Presenter: Quentin Hays, Eastern New Mexico University On forested lands throughout the Southwest, Mexican spotted owls (Strix occidentalis lucida) are a driver of management activities, as the current Recovery Plan (USFWS 2012) dictates forest treatment guidelines in designated owl habitat. These guidelines often prove restrictive for forest management and restoration programs, which serve to promote resiliency and [...]

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