SWFSC Working Papers

Climate Change and Fire in the Southwest
-June 2015

An Evaluation of Fire Regime Reconstruction Methods
-November 2014

Climate Change Impacts on Bark Beetle Outbreaks on Subsequent Fires
-June 2014

Impact of Forest Restoration Treatments on Southwestern Ponderosa Pine Tree Resistance to Bark Beetles
-March 2014

2013 Wildfire Season: An Overview – Southwestern U.S. (this is a reduced size version, please contact the SWFSC for full res)
-February 2014

Southwestern Mixed-Conifer Forests: Evaluating Reference Conditions to Guide Ecological Restoration Treatments
-October 2013

Fuel Treatment Longevity
-October 2013

Protecting Old Trees from Prescribed Burning
-February 2011

Fact Sheet: Methods for Estimating Surface Live Fuel Loading
-February 2011


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