Peer Learning: Prescribed Burn Archive

We would like to work with FRAMES to develop a searchable database containing prescribed fire burn plans across the Southwest. Our goal is to provide examples of prescribed fire burn plans that managers can learn from because while agencies may have archives of past burn plans, it is often difficult to share or access these across a range of agencies and organizations. By sharing successful burn plans managers can learn from each other and we can archive some on-the-ground experience.

If you have a burn plan that you’re particularly proud of or that you feel others can learn from please send it along with information below to the SWFSC coordinator.
We need from you:

  • Your implemented burn plan- electronic copy is preferred, snail mail is fine if electronic is unavailable
  • 1 paragraph summary of lessons learned from this particular fire
  • Optional- a map of the burn area in pdf or jpg format.
  • Photos from the burn

Thank you in advance for providing valuable information to help us all learn more about prescribed fire.